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Iceland offers an unparalleled array of filming locations that possess a distinctiveness found nowhere else. Its ethereal landscapes, resembling scenes from a captivating science fiction realm, showcase a mesmerizing blend of diverse natural wonders. Consequently, Iceland has become the favored playground of Hollywood! Within its borders lie captivating sights of black sands, majestic glaciers, snow-cloaked mountains, otherworldly lava fields, enchanting waterfalls, serene lakes adorned with floating icebergs, expansive tundra, and moors adorned with azure ponds. Additionally, the dancing hues of the mesmerizing northern lights and the sight of steam-emitting mountains, tinged with red and yellow sulfur, further contribute to this tapestry of tranquil beauty.


Europa Films is one of the most solid full service production networks in Europe. Our local producers provide the most professional and cost effective solutions possible. We have worked with the largest production houses and agencies all over Europe, and produced everything from Feature Films, Commercials, Documentaries and TV-Series.


Permits / Clients


Securing a filming permit in Iceland is generally a straightforward process, and in many instances, it may not even be required. For smaller crews operating in public spaces, permits are unnecessary. However, when filming necessitates halting traffic, capturing footage on private land, or utilizing private properties, permits become mandatory. Should such circumstances arise, our accomplished facilitators, producers, and location managers are well-equipped to handle permit applications and the associated paperwork, ensuring a seamless experience for our clients.


We have a vast experience in working with a great variety of clients. We've produced everything from small scale documentaries to large scale commericials and feature films. Also we've worked directly with agencies as Saatchi, McCann and DDB & some of the most prominent production companies and continously directy towards client's in-house marketing departments.

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Europa Films is composed by a network of established companies, all experts in their own country. Because of this we can keep competitive prices and costumize each project exactly according to the needs of our clients.

No project is too small or too big, and our contacts reach far into the industry web. We can manage everything from sigle crew members to lead our costumers through the intricate paperwork of tax incentives and cash-back systems of each country.

For specific questions regarding each country email us and we'll proivde you with the information you need in order to manage your specific project.


Film Production & Service

Our producers all around Europe has experience with a vast amount of types of project. We have produced everything from featrue films, large commercial campaigns, documentaries, tv-series, and kinds of smaller scale productions.

We have collaborated directly with agencies as F&B, McCann, DDB, Saatchi, Leo Burnett & Wieden+Kennedy etc. Also done service for some of the most prominent European advertising production companies.

Europa Films and its collaborator both produces their own material, and manages a large amout of service producions throughout Europe.

Shooting in Several Countries

Through our strong network of local producers we continously set up film shoots for crossing through several countries. We provide you with the most fluent and cost effective logistical solutions possible, when setting up cross-coutry shoots.

For larger projects we can also help to set up cash-back systems through several countries, and wherever possible make sure we use local incentives in order to get as much possible out of the specific venture.

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